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Sayaw Ng Kamatayan: Fervilleon


Yaw-Yan, also called Sayaw ng Kamatayan or Dance of Death is a Filipino martial art developed by Napoleon Fernandez. It is an offensive martial art that uses the moves of arnis using only the arms. It also features a wide range of kicks unique to the style.

The project is a short video documentary about Yaw-yan that seeks to orient the target audience on its history, principles and moves specifically for martial arts enthusiasts by showing demonstrations of the moves, training exercises and its founder discussing the origin and principles of this Filipino martial art.


About Yaw-yan

Yaw-yan is a Filipino martial art developed by Grandmaster Napoleon A. Fernandez, a native of Quezon province
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The Yaw-yan Symbol

The Meaning of the symbol as explained to us by Master Nap during one of those advanced disciples' gathering at the old Yaw-yan temple in Quiapo.
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Symbol of Yaw-yan Fervilleon

The Seven Circles

1. Primary Invicible Circle

Spiritual Unity
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